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Created 31-Oct-16
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Treehenge is a place at Ft. Hancock in Sandy Hook, NJ where the sun sets precisely through a small opening in a young tree, but only on or around the summer solstice. In this gallery are shots of Treehenge on the summer solstice over 9 consecutive years. Watch young Treehenge grow up over the years. You can also see Treehenge on the autumnal and vernal equinoxes, and on the winter solstice - to see the difference as to where the sun sets.
Treehenge 2013Treehenge 2014Treehenge 2015Treehenge 2016Pre-Henge 2016Treehenge - Spring Equinox,2016Treehenge - Autumn Equinox 2016Treehenge - Winter Solstice 2016Treehenge 2017Treehenge 2017 Close-UpWinter Solstice 2017Treehenge 2018Treehenge 2018 -2Treehenge 2019Treehenge 2020Treehenge - Spring Equinox, 2021Treehenge 2021Treehenge - Autumnal Equinox 2021Vernal Equinox at Treehenge 2022

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